Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama Care preparation

I went to the doctor with my wife yesterday. She scheduled a little outpatient procedure and the lady at the desk informed us that she still had a $200 deductible to meet. No problem. I said we need to get this taken care of before Obama care kicks in and we have to get it approved by some medical (death) panel.

This got me to thinking. What other things shoul I take care of before obamacare kicks in. I am 47 and a white male. So far I have no medical problems that I know of. I am not being treated for high cholesterol or high bl0od pressure or anything like that. But since I am a white male I was thinking about maybe scheduling some preemptive medical care while my insurance is still good.

Does anyone know of a doctor that would do a double bypass on a healthy 47 year old male? I don't need one yet but in the next 25-30 years I might so perhaps I sjhould get it done before I have to go before a medical panel and have it approved.

If not a bypass - could I just have the most popular areas stinted ahead of time?

Could I prepay for a bypass and have it preplanned like a preplanned funeral?

What about prostrate surgery could I get that scheduled before Christmas?

Can I go ahead and get about a 20 year supply of viagra for when I will need it in the future--- at least according to the commercials. I wouldn't want to need it and find that obamacare deemed it medically unnecessary.

These are the things I'm looking into, so that I can be ready when we socialize, nationalize obamize healthcare.

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