Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cosmic Cowboy

This is a dramtic rendition of Barry McGuire's Cosmic Cowboy

Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama Care preparation

I went to the doctor with my wife yesterday. She scheduled a little outpatient procedure and the lady at the desk informed us that she still had a $200 deductible to meet. No problem. I said we need to get this taken care of before Obama care kicks in and we have to get it approved by some medical (death) panel.

This got me to thinking. What other things shoul I take care of before obamacare kicks in. I am 47 and a white male. So far I have no medical problems that I know of. I am not being treated for high cholesterol or high bl0od pressure or anything like that. But since I am a white male I was thinking about maybe scheduling some preemptive medical care while my insurance is still good.

Does anyone know of a doctor that would do a double bypass on a healthy 47 year old male? I don't need one yet but in the next 25-30 years I might so perhaps I sjhould get it done before I have to go before a medical panel and have it approved.

If not a bypass - could I just have the most popular areas stinted ahead of time?

Could I prepay for a bypass and have it preplanned like a preplanned funeral?

What about prostrate surgery could I get that scheduled before Christmas?

Can I go ahead and get about a 20 year supply of viagra for when I will need it in the future--- at least according to the commercials. I wouldn't want to need it and find that obamacare deemed it medically unnecessary.

These are the things I'm looking into, so that I can be ready when we socialize, nationalize obamize healthcare.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

How Grey is our GA

I have been a fan of Christ Tomlin for many years. I took my youth group to the Texas Youth Evangelism Conference for years when it was in San Antonio. I remember visting with Chris in the hallway at the table where he sold his CD's. This was prior to metrosexual worship leader Chrsi Tomlin --- he had a normal haircut, wore wranglers and flannels shirts with a baseball cap --- This was Authentic Chris Tomlin - I call him that because that was the name of his self marketed cd.

I also took my youth group to Austin for the recording of his live cd after that marketing team got to him and moussed his hair and traded his wranglers and flannels for designer jeans and shirts with pretty designs on them. The music is stil great.

I do want to say that Chris has done nothing but get better and better.

I do now have to lodge a complaint. Leading worship I am always looking for new songs to sing congregationally and as a special on occasion. I am limited at my church to the use of cd's. So imagine my joy when Master Trax started making cd collections of accompaniment trax with more then one song on them. I bought the Chris Tomlin collection.

Now we have done How can I keep from Singing and Amazing Grace 2 great songs -- Undescribable is also on the cd - but we have kind of worn that one out.

This brings us to How Great is our God. I have been practicing it for several weeks but I can't bring myself to singing it. I keep hearing the recording version where Chris drops all the ending vowels. I know this because my wife cringes every time she hears it. The difference between me and my wife is that she grew up in choirs and I grew up in rock bands. So she notices these thing much more quickly then I.

The recorded version sound like the singer is saying How grey is our Ga sing with me How Grey is our Ga and all will see How grey how grey is our ga.

Since my wife has pointed it out to me I have been emphasizing the ending vowels and now I sound like some preppy opera singer faking rock. It is kind of like imaging Julie Andrews singing Janis Joplin --- it is justed too mixed a metaphor. Kind of like wearing overalls with a tie.

Anyone else having this issue?


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Guy's guide for when their pants hang too low.

I have noticed over the past few years some trend in the way young men wear their pants. I have decided that possibly they need a guide to know when their pants are hanging too low.

  1. No more then the waist band of boxers should be above the waistband of your pants. If you can see your boxers your pants are too low.
  2. If the inseam of your pants starts at your knees - your pants are too low.
  3. If your belt cuts the circulation off at your thighs - your pants are too low.
  4. If your short pants look like high water regular pants - your pants are too low.
  5. If you have to bend over to get something out of your pocket - your pants are too low.
  6. If you look like Dorf - your pants are too low

Please feel free to add your ways of knowing when your pants are too low

The Four Horsemen of Chunky's

I watched Man Vs Food on the travle network a couple of weeks ago. He was in Texas so the shows caught my attention. He took the BiG Texan challenge in Amarillo and ate the 72 oz steak. Then he profiled some places in San Antonio.

One of the challenges he met was the 4 Horsemen Burger at Chunky's. This is a burger with 4 kinds of peppers, habanero, serrano, jalapeno and the GHOST pepper.

I mentioned it at work and was soon challenged to try it myself.

I gave it my best shot --- It took me 5 minutes to completely eat the burger.

It took my stomach less then 3 minutes to give it back.

I was in serious pain - the pepper juice was in my eyes, my stomach and throat were in pain.

I went home and every once in a while the peppers would rotate to apoint in my stomach where it felt as if I had a burning coal trying to find a way out.

It was over 48 hours till I could eat again.

When my wife came home that night - she looked at me and instead of that love, compassion and sympathy one would expect - she stated that "you did it to yourself"

I did learn some valuable lessons
1> I ain't nowhere near 17 anymore.
2> There is a reason the famous last words of a redneck are " Hey guys watch this"