Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Four Horsemen of Chunky's

I watched Man Vs Food on the travle network a couple of weeks ago. He was in Texas so the shows caught my attention. He took the BiG Texan challenge in Amarillo and ate the 72 oz steak. Then he profiled some places in San Antonio.

One of the challenges he met was the 4 Horsemen Burger at Chunky's. This is a burger with 4 kinds of peppers, habanero, serrano, jalapeno and the GHOST pepper.

I mentioned it at work and was soon challenged to try it myself.

I gave it my best shot --- It took me 5 minutes to completely eat the burger.

It took my stomach less then 3 minutes to give it back.

I was in serious pain - the pepper juice was in my eyes, my stomach and throat were in pain.

I went home and every once in a while the peppers would rotate to apoint in my stomach where it felt as if I had a burning coal trying to find a way out.

It was over 48 hours till I could eat again.

When my wife came home that night - she looked at me and instead of that love, compassion and sympathy one would expect - she stated that "you did it to yourself"

I did learn some valuable lessons
1> I ain't nowhere near 17 anymore.
2> There is a reason the famous last words of a redneck are " Hey guys watch this"


  1. 5 MINUTES!!!???!!! GEEZ!

    Hey, I need some good Redneck jokes. The next Christmas program I'm doing is about a family of rednecks. Whatcha got?

  2. Most of them won't go over too well at a landmarke church especially my first 2

    My friend Bubba told me he was depressed and guilty cuase he was dating his 3rd cousin.
    I told him if it makes you feel that bad - quit counting

    My friend Bubba called ahead to the Chili's to reserve a table. The Chili's person said how many --- So Bubba said "Well there's me, 4 cousins and 3 exwives - so a total of 5

  3. So my question is...did you have to put the toilet paper in the ice-box?