Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Adventures in Worship

This year I decided to take some voice lessons. These have helped a great deal even though I feel stupid ah-ah-ah-ahing and memememeing. But I have discovered that they have helped a great deal.
The next adventure might be dance lessons. Tracye and I go to the Cowboy Christmas Ball every year. Last year, we even tried dancing. I apologized to the couple we almost ran over and told them I was a Baptist minister and so dancing was really new to me. He told me that we did better than the Lutheran pastor he had met the year before.

The really big question is that now that I am with a woman that dances - does that mean she will start to cuss and chew also. If so then I will have hit the trifecta of women to avoid for Baptist ministers.

Well I don't think I have to worrry about the chewing part - but if she reads this post - she might just have a few choice words for me.

Til next time
milkmandog - the reformed redneck

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