Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I married my youngest daughter....

Saturday - Dec 19, 2009 I married my youngest daughter Kelsey. It was a small ceremony. And before all y'all think I wnet from redneck to hillbilly - I married my youngest daughter to a nice young man. Now Joey is from Louisiana, and there is a little bit of a rivalry between Texas and Louisiana. So this new merger of 2 different cultures ought to lead to some fun family gettogethers. Joey's parents Dave and Lisa are great folks as were his grandparents and we look forward to spending more time together.

I am not normally what you would call sensitive and emotional - but tears came out of my eyes. What's worse is everyone saw it - there goes my redneck points.

Anyway the wife and I are looking forward to a year with no weddings and no children's tuition to pay.


  1. Not sure if I should say congratulations or offer you a shoulder to cry on there, so I guess I'll say congratulations on no longer paying for weddings and tuition and how wonderful that your two families are getting along nicely.

  2. Sure, now you get to prepare for grandchildren...muahahaha! Hey, someone had to say it. I wasn't going to say anything about the tears either, but since you admitted to it, I think it was cool that you cried. I'd like to think my Dad shed a tear or two when I got married, but I'll never know.