Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Barak Obama and his plan to reduce abortion.

The President stated that he wanted to see abortions as a rare occurence. To that end he signed an executive order that allows federal funds to be used to pay for abortions. This redneck mind has trouble wrapping his pea brain around how this will make abortion rare - but if an Ivy league education and the hope of the free world says it will it must.

Now if this works for abortion will it work for other areas. I mean we all want drug use and alcoholism to be at a minimum ---- So how about federal funding for mary jane farmers and how about the Fed paying for happy hour at the local bar -- this should reduce drunkeness and drug abuse in a hurry.

For that matter --- why not try it on the war on terror - instead of bombing Osama with ordinance - lets give him a grant. we should be safer overnight.


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  2. oops! Wrong account. Do over.

    "...let's give him a grant." LOL!!! -^markonthe3

  3. Munitions and explosives are "Ordnance", and a law or policy is an "Ordinance"...